Customer Acquisition

SICON provides our Customers with the necessary tools to effectively acquire and retain highly profitable Customers. With tools like GoldMine, MS Dynamics, IntelliClick, & Google AdWords, SICON is able to help you develop a Closed Loop Marketing strategy in order to attract the right Prospects.

Closed Loop Marketing

Almost a century ago, John Wanamaker expressed something that still affects many businesses today, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. SICON’s solution to that problem comes in the form of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM). What is it about CLM that makes it such a powerful tool? SICON’s approach is that you can’t manage what you don’t measure and that’s why a marketing strategy like CLM is so effective. Like Customer Relationship Management, CLM is an on-going process. As you can see in the graphic, CLM is made up of five distinct elements:


  • When planning your campaign ask yourself questions like, what is the purpose of the campaign? What message do you want to deliver? Through which channel? How do you plan on following up? What goals have you set?
  • Some forms of marketing campaigns include pay-per-click, email, telephone, print, mail, etc.
  • Plan again.
  • Look over the results of the analysis and make changes to the next campaign you run.


  • Software like IntelliSend (a sub-set of IntelliClick) aids in the execution of your campaign. It helps by doing things like sending out emails, recording responses, alerting sales reps to hot leads and registering Prospects to attend events.


  • Every action taken during the campaign will be recorded. This allows members of your team to view everything that has transpired with a contact, which is all part of the 360 degree view of the Customer that we strive for.


  • Reports will be developed that will turn all the data into meaningful information you can use to improve.


  • The database is the core of CLM. You cannot effectively implement CLM without a solid database. It must record every aspect of your marketing.

GoldMine, MS Dynamics and Intelliclick all allow you to track, analyze and aid during your marketing campaigns, providing you the opportunity for continuous improvement. CLM is a strategy that will create more efficient marketing campaigns which in turn will increase the number of Prospects you acquire.

Database Analytics

Without database analytics, any operational CRM tools your company has in place are not reaching their maximum potential. CRM database analytics ensures that when running marketing campaigns you are making the right offer, to the right Prospect, through the right channel, at the right time. SICON will deliver the analytical tools that satisfy all those requirements, attracting Customers who are more likely to stay with you, increasing retention and growing company profitability.

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter score (NPS) method of Customer feedback uses a metric to divide your Customers into three different segments based on their answer to the question – how likely would you be to recommend [your company] to a friend or colleague? The three segments are Promoters, Passives & Detractors. Knowing who is willing to act as Promoter for you when you are looking to acquire new Customers is extremely useful information to have. SICON will provide you with the database to be able to efficiently track NPS information, allowing for simple organization of data and report creation.