Database Analytics

The best way for any business to build a highly profitable, extremely loyal group of Customers, is by leveraging a powerful database. However, what many businesses do not understand is that a database is much more than just a placeholder for Customer e-mails and phone numbers. If you want to truly grow your list of valuable Customers, analytical tools need to be put in place that constantly review all the information recorded in your database. 

The Complete View of your Customers


One of the major benefits of utilizing database analytics involves the ability to see a complete view of your Customers, including a history of all their interactions with your business. By recording all history including emails, phone calls, transactions, responses to marketing campaigns, all pending work, etc. you are able to see a complete 360 degree view of your Customer. 

view of the customer
It is when you feel confident that you have established this 360 degree view of your Customers that you are able to grow. The 360 degree view allows you to query history to look for commonality amongst your top Clients. By uncovering the commonality you are able to build a profile of your ideal Prospects. 

Targeting the Right Prospects 


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The ideal Prospect profile you develop from the 360 degree view of your Customers will assist you in determining exactly which Prospects to target, when you want to target them, and how you want to target them. From there you can build a list of Prospects who have a high profit potential and have a much lower chance of defecting early, effectively growing your business. 

If you feel like you are not maximizing the efficiency of your database and would like SICON to help you use database analytics to determine your best Prospects, simply fill out the contact us form and a representative will reach out to you shortly.