Email Marketing

SICON’s Email Marketing Service 


According to a recent article published in Forbes, email marketing is still the top way to generate leads. .Email marketing is one component of SICON’s complete digital marketing
suite of services. What sets SICON apart from other email marketing firms is our ability to implement an email marketing strategy that closes the loop to your CRM. SICON’s experienced professionals will consult with you at every stage of your email marketing strategy. They will help you design sales focused landing pages, execute campaigns, and use analytical tools to refine future campaigns in order to improve response rates. SICON will make sure that each campaign sent will hit the inboxes of your most valuable Prospects/Clients, resulting in maximum ROI for your business.

SICON’s email marketing service is made up of the following components:

1. We will first and foremost work with your team to determine a list of targeted Prospects/Clients who will be receiving your business’s email blasts.

2. Our marketing professionals will then work with your website team to develop landing pages with a clear and concise call to action.

3. After your landing page is created, our professionals will design a simple email template, which can be customized to instantly notify your sales team and other desired individuals when a recipient clicks on your landing page hyperlink.

4. Once the email template is complete, SICON will send out all of your emails from your system via mass email software.

5. After the campaign is sent out, you will have access to information that includes the number of contacts who opened, clicked, or unsubscribed, as well as a top leads summary report to determine which Clients/Prospects have the most potential to generate revenue.

6. After each campaign, SICON will continue to monitor results and use that information in order to improve the response rates of future campaigns.

Let SICON’s experienced professional develop an email marketing strategy that works for your business.