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For Financial Services Practices, Time is Money.


The most successful Financial Services practices have found a way to keep operations efficient while not sacrificing the quality of service they provide to Clients. SICON has found that to achieve this level of success, a strategy needs to be put into place that embraces technological advancements. If your practice still uses software like Excel or a parent company’s website to rank Clients and keep track of policies, you are not maximizing your operational efficiency. SICON has developed a ranking tool and policy management solution that will improve key processes, saving you time, effort and money. 

Contact Ranking Tool


The Contact Ranking Tool (CRT) is a custom tool built by SICON that helps you rank contacts based on the factors that are relevant to your practice. CRT is a simple, yet extremely effective resource for segmenting your Clients and Prospects, ensuring that they each receive an appropriate level of service based on your resources.

With CRT, you are able to generate different rankings for different types of contacts. For example, you may rank Prospects with a different set of factors than a Client. Factors may include things like; Total Portfolio Value, Number of Referrals, Length of Relationship, etc. After determining relevant factors, you must assign a point value to each of the factors, with the most important factors getting the highest points.   

Once all the information is input into CRT and the factors are ranked, the tool will automatically provide a Client or Prospect with a specific ranking. From there you are able to determine which Prospects are cold, warm or hot as well as do things like assign a Customer Service Plan to a particular Client based on their rank.

CRT1An example of a Client CRT record. A primary field in your GoldMine is automatically updated based on the rank CRT assigns to a Client.





PolicyLink is another custom tool built by SICON that provides you with a quick view of all the policies your Financial Services practice has on record. It presents you with an efficient alternative to managing Client policies, as it centralizes key policy and contact management information in a single location. Every policy is linked to the individual contact record within your GoldMine, saving you the effort of sorting through thousands of records in multiple databases.

Info Fill in for PLA list of all the fields included in PolicyLink. Depending on what information you have for each Client, you are able to fill in some fields and leave others blank.


filled out info1Example of a Client contact record, combines policy data with contact information in a central location.





GoldMine is a flexible CRM tool that centralizes all of your contact information and automates critical administrative tasks so you can focus your time on building your Client relationships. SICON has over 10 years of experience implementing GoldMine to solve real world business problems and our highly knowledgeable professionals are ready to help customize the software to fit the way your business works. 

If you are looking to save time, money and valuable resources by making your Financial Services Practice’s operations more efficient with SICON’s custom software, simply fill out the contact us form and a SICON representative will reach out to you shortly.