GoldMine: SICON’s CRM Software Solution

SICON CRM brings over 10 years of experience implementing GoldMine to solve real world business problems.

GoldMine is a premise based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that can help you centralize your company’s contact information.

SICON CRM provides your company with the following GoldMine services:

  • Consulting: SICON CRM understands that developing a CRM strategy takes a lot more than just installing software on all your devices, CRM is about people and processes. Our highly experienced professionals will work with your team to develop a customized approach to CRM that can be easily integrated throughout your company. Once a strategic plan has been developed, SICON CRM will use its many years of experience implementing GoldMine to adapt the software to fit the way your company works. SICON CRM’s consulting service ensures that the appropriate steps are taken in order for you to maximize the power of your company’s CRM system.
  • Installation: Throughout SICON CRM’s 10+ years of experience implementing GoldMine, we have been able to refine our procedures to the point where we have mastered the installation process. Our dedicated professionals will work around your company’s schedule to quickly and efficiently install the GoldMine database onto your chosen devices, avoiding any lengthy interruptions to daily operations.
  • Training: Not only are the professionals at SICON CRM highly experienced in implementing GoldMine solutions, they are also extremely knowledgeable GoldMine users. By using this combination of implementation experience and user knowledge, professionals at SICON CRM have successfully trained hundreds of Customers on how to effectively operate their GoldMine software. SICON CRM professionals will work with your company to develop customized GoldMine end user training sessions that will satisfy all your learning needs. These sessions can be run via on-site seminars, or through web-based training modules.

SICON CRM adds further value for your company in the form of the following proprietary GoldMine add-ons:

  • PolicyLink: A challenge facing many financial services practices is managing the many number of Client policies they have on record. Sorting through thousands of Excel rows of policies is time consuming and inefficient. The professionals at SICON CRM have worked to help solve this problem by creating a piece of software called PolicyLink. PolicyLink is set up to provide information to you from within GoldMine in the form of a quick view of all the documented policies your financial service practice has on record. PolicyLink presents you with an efficient alternative to managing your policies as every policy is linked to the individual GoldMine client record, allowing you to easily pull up any Client information associated with a policy.

  • Contact Ranking Tool: Properly segmenting your Customers and Prospects is an essential component of any CRM strategy. To help your company accomplish this task, SICON CRM has created an additional tab in GoldMine called the Contact Ranking Tool (CRT). The CRT tab provides you with the ability to rank your Customers based on the factors that are relevant to your business, allowing you to effectively segment your Customers and Prospects.
  • Hosted GoldMine: Not all businesses have the technological infrastructure in place to be able to install GoldMine on company devices. SICON CRM professionals have worked to develop the ability to host any GoldMine database in our secure Toronto data centre. This provides your company with the ability to login to your database anytime and from anywhere.
  • Net Promoter Score: When it comes to providing your business with the actionable information needed to grow, SICON CRM will integrate the Net Promoter score (NPS) method of Customer feedback into your GoldMine. By implementing NPS into our own organization, SICON professionals have realized the incredible benefit the system adds to helping you grow your business. Through first hand experience, knowledgeable SICON professionals will work with your team to develop an NPS solution that includes:

    • Building customized GoldMine survey scripts

    • Making the actual calls to your Customers

    • Inputting all Customer feedback into our proprietary NPS tab installed on your GoldMine

    • Presenting you with actionable information through a GoldMine NPS dashboard, developed in-house by our expert professionals and installed onto your GoldMine

  • Customized Dashboards: In order for your company to learn and improve, systems need to be in place that present you with actionable information. Within GoldMine, this actionable information comes in the form of dashboards. Dashboards are an extremely powerful tool. Experienced professionals at SICON CRM will completely customize a dashboard to meet any of your company’s needs allowing you to receive the proper information to be able to exponentially grow your organization.

SICONCRM-Goldmine-dashboardCustomized dashboard SICON CRM created to display those Customers who have not been communicated with in the last 90 days.

If you would like more information about GoldMine, simply fill out the contact us form and a SICON professional will follow up with you shortly.