Magaya Cargo System

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For any Logistics Business, Information is Power.

The easier it is to create and access your important Logistics documents, the more efficient operations will be. As the only Level 2 Magaya Reseller in Canada and one of three Certified Magaya Integrators in the world, SICON has the ability to  provide you with complete access to all your important documents within a matter of clicks. Generate invoices, quotations, bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, and much more, all from within the Magaya system. Spend less time inputting data to create documents and more time focusing on what matters most, running your Logistics business.

SICON’s Cargo System Integration Process


  • Step 1: Work with your team to identify, document and improve key processes
  • Step 2: Install and customize the software
  • Step 3: Train your staff on how to use the software effectively
  • Step 4: Provide ongoing support

The Features of Magaya’s Cargo System


Improves Logistics Operations

  • Magaya’s Cargo System provides user-friendly wizards to generate all import and export shipment transactions for air, ocean and ground. Just a click can create and print labels, documents and reports.
  • With Magaya you are able to allocate space before cargo arrives, see all cargo and inventory levels in real time and increase the overall visibility of your warehouse.
  • Accounting and operations functions are fully integrated into the Magaya Cargo System. Features include accounts payable, account receivable, invoicing and banking reconciliations.
  • Print or email invoices directly to your Clients, and set up online payments to receive payments faster. From regular financial reports, to automated billing and liquidations of shipments, you are able to generate reports with just one click.

Makes Communication with Clients Easier

  • Increase your ability to communicate effectively by giving your Clients online visibility 24/7 worldwide with LiveTrack.
  • Magaya’s tracking solutions allow owners of cargo to track the entire logistics process in real time from anywhere in the world.
  • Email transactions to Clients directly from the Magaya system with a built-in, real-time tracking link or send documents to them in HTML or as a PDF. Magaya also provides you with the ability to send a Client information directly to their smartphones so they can see shipments or any status changes immediately.

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