Magaya Commerce System


The Features of Magaya’s Commerce System


Set up a Customized Online Store with LiveTrack

  • Create categories and featured inventory.
  • Enable your customers to register and manage their own passwords to save you time.
  • Design your own email templates to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Allow backorders to ensure you don’t miss a sale, whether you have the items on hand or not.
  • Display certain items to one customer but not others.

Keep Track of Your Inventory More Effectively

  • Always know inventory quantities by setting up inventory alerts.
  • See what’s arriving, what’s on order, what’s on hand and more.
  • Magaya’s Commerce system provides the additional benefit of integrating the warehouse management system to allow you to handle Part Numbers, Serial Numbers and SKUs.
  • Magaya’s Commerce system allows customers to view inventory levels in real time and manage stock their levels.
  • Automatically order items from preferred vendors when inventory is low.

Ship Everything Easily

  • Manage pickups and deliveries.
  • Create Pick and Load Tasks for easy order fulfillment.
  • Create the Shipping Order or Cargo Release directly from the Sales Order, saving you time.

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