Magaya: SICON CRM’s Logistics Solution

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SICON understands that for any business operating in the Logistics industry, integrating a powerful software system into your organization is essential to keeping operations efficient. As the only Magaya reseller in Canada, SICON provides your business with an industry specific software solution that cuts down on administrative tasks, leaving you more time to run your business.

The SICON CRM Advantage:
As one of five Level 2 Magaya Resellers worldwide, professionals at SICON will guide you through the entire integration process, from consultation, to installation, to training and customization of documents.
As one of three Magaya authorized integrators worldwide, SICON can develop customized apps that work with Magaya.
SICON has a proven track record of successfully implementing Magaya into organizations across Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.
There are 4 Magaya software solutions SICON provides depending on your requirements:
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Magaya provides further functionality in the form of an online communications module, which offers additional features depending on the solution:
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Each Magaya software solution has unique benefits catered towards different Logistics industries:
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