Magaya Supply Chain


The Features of Magaya’s Supply Chain System


Efficiently Handle the Financial Side of your Inventory

  • Work with preferred vendors and automatically provide them with the ability to create invoices.
  • Set pricing rules for discounts and holiday sales, as well as manage back orders.
  • Create Kits of items and set pricing per kit instead of per individual item.
  • Generate Invoices.

Fine Tune your Distribution and Warehouse Management

  • Magaya’s Supply Chain system allows to you set up an EDI to receive purchase order details in advance as well receive item data to avoid manual data entry.
  • Move items and see every item along with its status in your Commodity list.
  • Print labels for receiving both pallets and individual items.
  • Scan and save Part Numbers, SKUs and Serial Numbers with your wireless bar code scanners.
  • Create reports of Part Numbers and Serial Numbers to easily manage returns.
  • If you don’t own the inventory, Magaya’s Supply Chain system allows you to manage your customers inventory, from receiving, to storing and delivering.

Make Shipping Easy for International or Domestic Transportation

  • Manage variable weights, identify hazardous cargo or perishables and verify packing lists.
  • Consolidate items to ship out.
  • Book space with carriers and send quotes to your customers.
  • Plan routes and attach pricing.
  • Automatically generate domestic, local or international shipping documents from the data you enter.

Customize Your Solution

  • Always know what inventory is in stock by setting up automated alerts to inform you what’s running low.
  • Create custom reports by things like commodity type, save them and email them to employees or customers.  
  • Save time by automating processes such as converting a purchase order into a warehouse receipt when items arrive.
  • Define Pallet ID numbers and other numbering for documents and transactions.

Leverage the Integrated Accounting System

  • Select the Costing Method for your Business: Use Average Cost or Specific Cost for inventory items.
  • Automate sales commissions, bills, recurrent storage charges and more.
  • Set Payment Terms by customer or system-wide such as Net Due in 30 Days.
  • See Profit and Loss per operation and overall Profit and Loss for your company.
  • Work in multiple currencies.

Communicate with Your Customers 24/7 by Automating it All

  • Give your customers the access to the information they want – their quotes, your rates, their invoices and orders.
  • Organize projects by creating “Jobs”- a job can be set up to hold all the details related to one project as well as all the transactions you want to link to the job.

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