Magaya Warehouse Management


  As one of five Level 2 Resellers and one of three Certified Magaya Integrators worldwide, SICON CRM is able to develop a customized solution that streamlines your warehouse operations. Track inventory the moment you receive a shipment notification, see where and when inventory is placed on the shelves and know exactly when it is picked up and shipped out. From start to finish, SICON CRM provides you and your Clients with complete visibility into all of your warehouse operations.

SICON’s WMS Integration Process


  • Step 1: Work with your team to identify, document and improve key processes
  • Step 2: Install and customize the software
  • Step 3: Train your staff on how to use the software effectively
  • Step 4: Provide ongoing support

Satisfy Client Demand for Warehouse Visibility 


SICON is able to provide your Clients with access to the Magaya WMS through either EDI, a portal in your website or a combination of the two. 

Additionally, SICON gives you the ability to see exactly what inventory you have in your warehouse and allows you to track the entire process, providing you with a documented history of Client’s inventory at every stage.

Further Features of Magaya’s WMS


Use Wireless Handhelds to Improve Inventory Control

  • Control every step of the shipment process using Magaya’s barcode feature. Barcodes allow you to track inventory right from its arrival at the receiving docks, through to storage, and finally to pick and load.
  • Magaya offers you the ability to print labels directly from your wireless handhelds.

Receive Inventory Faster

  • Before items arrive, receive inventory information from outside vendors and automate the input via EDI.
  • As items arrive, scan the barcodes on packages or pallets and Magaya will store the information in your system in real time.
  • Include photographs of the inventory items in your transactions such as warehouse receipts.
  • Print a Magaya receiving label for any items that do not come with part numbers. Magaya’s software automatically generates a unique number for each label, allowing you to connect that item with a location in your warehouse.

Improve Management Inside the Warehouse

  • As you move items to storage racks in your warehouse, Magaya’s inventory control software automatically creates a record in your database of the items’ locations and storage time. This is all done in real time so you see current, accurate data.
  • Use barcodes to assign a code to each rack location in your warehouse and each item. 
  • Control inventory by part number, SKU, and/or serial numbers.
  • Scan vehicle barcodes for fast VIN data.
  • Create and print pallet ID labels to keep track of all items in a pallet.
  • When quantities get low, Magaya’s Warehouse Management system can be set up to send you automated inventory alert notices and automated order placements, so you do not miss a sales opportunity.
  • Create reports with Magaya’s inventory manager software to see what inventory is on hand, what items are arriving, how much cargo went in and out of your warehouse during a certain time period, and much more.

Release and Ship More Accurately and Quickly

  • Magaya allows you to send tasks to your handheld devices for more accurate picking and loading of items into shipments when releasing inventory.
  • Print shipping labels with barcodes when loading and shipping items.
  • Create reports to see things like which items were released during which shipments, which division of your company handles the most cargo, and more.
  • Magaya provides you with the ability to create delivery orders for drivers, as well as collect electronic signatures that the customers can view online when inventory is received or delivered.

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Magaya continues to evolve its WMS software to meet the needs of the 3PL and warehousing community. For a free trial of Magaya’s Warehouse Management System, please click here

If you would like to further discuss how SICON can help streamline your warehouse management operations or to schedule a demo of the Magaya WMS, simply fill in the contact us form and a representative will reach out to you shortly.