Net Promoter Score & GoldMine

SICON understands the best way for any business to grow is through a combination of customer referrals, references and a strong understanding of operational performance. By integrating the Net Promoter score (NPS) system of customer feedback into GoldMine, SICON CRM has developed a solution that fulfills all these growth requirements. SICON professionals are now able to use NPS data to help your business determine which of your customers have the potential to be your best salespeople, as well as learn which areas of your operational performance are working well and which areas may need to be improved.

Net Promoter Score System

The Net Promoter score method of customer feedback was developed by Bain & Company partner Fred Reichheld in 2003 and since then has taken over as today’s standard for measuring customer loyalty. In his most recent book The Ultimate Question 2.0, Reichheld evolved Net Promoter score into a management system, turning the once simple metric into an entire way of doing business. So far, thousands of innovative companies have adopted the NPS methodology and research has shown that NPS leaders on average grow at more than twice the rate of competitors. If you wish to gain a better understanding of the Net Promoter score system before learning how SICON CRM can use it to help grow your business, visit the official Bain & Company website by clicking here

NPS Breakdown

The NPS system begins by using a metric to divide your customers into three segments based on their answer to the question – “on a scale of 0-10, how likely would you be to recommend [your business] to a friend or colleague?” The three segments are Detractors, Passives & Promoters. Once it is determined which segment a customer falls into, the simple follow-up question of “why did you choose that number?” will produce the actionable information your business needs to be able to learn and improve.

Why Net Promoter Score Works

Determining loyalty goes way beyond just measuring how often customers purchase from your business. If a customer is truly loyal, the most natural thing for them to do is recommend your business to someone they care about. However, in order for customers to put their own reputation on the line, the following two conditions must be fulfilled:


This is why the “would recommend” question is so effective at producing actionable information your business can use. Not only does it test the rational dimension of customer experience but the emotional dimension as well.

How Net Promoter Score Benefits your Business

SICON CRM understands that different businesses need different forms of information to be able to continually grow. Keeping that in mind, one of the major benefits of the Net Promoter score system is that the data collected generates three distinct types of actionable information you can use to exponentially grow your business:


The SICON CRM Net Promoter Score Service

When it comes to providing your business with the actionable information needed to grow, SICON CRM will integrate the Net Promoter score (NPS) method of Customer feedback into your GoldMine. By implementing NPS into our own organization, SICON professionals have realized the incredible benefit the system adds to helping you grow your business. Through first hand experience, knowledgeable SICON professionals will work with your team to develop an NPS solution that includes:

  • Building customized GoldMine survey scripts
  • Making the actual calls to your Customers
  • Inputting all Customer feedback into our proprietary NPS tab installed on your GoldMine
  • Presenting you with actionable information through a GoldMine NPS dashboard, developed in-house by our expert professionals and installed onto your GoldMine
The Features of SICON CRM’s Exclusive NPS Dashboard

NPS Tab1

The NPS tab shown above allows you to keep a record of all the NPS surveys you complete with a particular customer. The tab allows you to view a particular customers NPS score and corresponding feedback by simply pulling up their contact record in GoldMine.  


NPS Dashboard - Segments

This dashboard provides you with a graphic illustration of your three NPS segments over a specified period of time. From here you can quickly weigh all three segments against each other to determine where the majority of your customers fall. Additionally, you are able to pull up a contact list of all the customers in each segment by clicking on any of the three bars. This allows you to efficiently schedule calls, e-mails, and appointments with an entire segment within a matter of clicks.


NPS Dashboard - Trend Line1

This dashboard portrays a trend line of your monthly NPS scores over a given period of time. This allows you to track your NPS scores to make sure they are increasing from month to month and make changes if that’s not the case. Additionally, like the Segments dashboard, this dashboard includes a running list of customers surveyed, their scores and the segment they fall into.


NPS Dashboard - Non-Response

From past experience, professionals at SICON CRM found some customers refused to complete an NPS survey. Based on that knowledge, SICON built an additional NPS dashboard to display a list of all the customers who elected not to take the survey. This dashboard is extremely useful as it allows you to, within a matter of clicks, activate a contact list to be able to schedule calls, e-mails, etc. to determine why customers chose not to participate.


GoldMine is a flexible CRM tool that centralizes all of your contact information and automates critical administrative tasks so you can focus your time on building your client relationships SICON CRM has over 10 years of experience implementing GoldMine to solve real world business problems and our highly knowledgeable professionals are ready to help customize the software to fit the way your business works.

If utilizing Net Promoter score to grow your business is something that interests your company, simply fill out the contact us form and a SICON professional will follow-up shortly.