Operational Excellence

SICON enables your company to achieve operational excellence by streamlining business critical processes, integrating systems & aligning purpose built technology with your CRM business strategy. Our goal is to help you to convert Customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Operational Excellence is a Journey, not a Destination

As people, processes, & technology change, your definition of operational excellence will also change. Having a finger on the pulse of technology, strategy, and your unique business processes allows us to present potential issues & resolutions long before they impact your Customers.

Our team will provide you with the means to gather Net Promoter score (NPS) data & combine it with existing Customer data to generate actionable information. This in turn will provide you with operational excellence goals, leading to improved Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty, and ultimately better business performance.

  • Gather Customer Data
  • Input Into One Central Database
  • Turn Customer Satisfaction Surveys/NPS into Reports
  • Analyze for Inefficiencies & Shortcomings
  • Develop Goals Around People, Processes & Technology
  • Understand Customer Requirements
  • Meet Customer Expectations
  • Customers Become Brand Ambassadors
  • Increased Business From Referrals
  • Revenue Growth
  • Increased Market Share
  • Increased Customer Tenure

Operational Excellence & CRM

Having one centralized database with all of your Customer data is crucial to achieving operational excellence. Our CRM implementations allow for the efficient tracking of Customer communications, requests, and complaints through all relevant departments of your business. From marketing to sales to service delivery & accounting, your employees are able to obtain relevant data & history when and where they need it. This is where your “Actionable Information” is stored & analyzed.

Measuring Operational Excellence

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of achieving operational excellence is the ability to provide relevant, accurate, and actionable metrics to further feed the development of operational excellence goals.

Our ability to measure and report on these operational excellence metrics gives our Customers a unique perspective on the efficiency of collaborative systems within their organization. With this data, we are able to refine processes & streamline systems. Then we re-calculate the metrics to determine the effectiveness of the changes.