SICON CRM: Digital Marketing

An effective digital marketing strategy can get you more Customers.

All digital marketing campaigns should aim to generate leads in your CRM database. To accomplish this, SICON has developed a contact us form that automatically transfers data from your website into your CRM. A website offers the optimal platform for providing visitors with information that encourages them to fill in the contact us form. SICON’s digital marketing strategy begins by designing a website fully customized to your business. Once that is complete, our professionals will help you drive traffic to your website through the use of e-mail marketing and social media campaigns. As soon as the visitor fills in the contact form developed by SICON, the data is automatically transferred into your CRM and the appropriate individuals are notified so that your team is engaged in converting leads into Customers.


SICON CRM has an in house website design team that is able to develop a website customized for your business. Our team has experience working with a range of different companies. From small businesses to large corporations, SICON has worked with Customers across the world and in a variety of different industries.

Aside from the development of the main website, a big part of SICON’s digital marketing strategy is the creation of separate landing pages associated with the website but not accessible via navigation through the website. Any campaign that is run will drive traffic to this separate landing page, which includes information about product or service offerings along with a contact form. Having separate landing pages increases our ability to track exactly who is visiting the page and from which campaign, without having data skewed from visitors navigating through the website and landing on the page.

E-Mail Marketing

McKinsey & Company wrote an article in Forbes that argued against the assumption that e-mail is a dying form of marketing. According to the article, contrary to what people believe, “e-mail remains a critical part of the marketing toolkit with 91% of all consumers still reporting daily email use.” Even compared to social media, which consumers nowadays seem to be spending the majority of their time on, “e-mail conversion rates to purchase are estimated to be three times higher.”

SICON professionals have extensive experience developing e-mail marketing campaigns that can be tracked. As mentioned above, SICON’s method of e-mail marketing involves the creation of completely separate customized landing pages associated with the company website. According to the article written by McKinsey & Company, “customized landing pages—sending the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email—can result in conversion rate uplifts of 25%+.” From experience, SICON professionals have seen positive response results from directing Prospects to a customized landing page.

After the creation of the landing page, a brief e-mail is sent out to Customers and Prospects with the landing page hyperlink embedded in the e-mail text as a trackable link. The end goal is to have recipients click the link, learn more about the product being marketed and fill out the contact form. From there, all contact information is automatically drawn into a CRM database which is then passed along to the sales team for follow up. Our professionals will use their experience, and this same proven methodology to develop an e-mail marketing campaign customized for any product or service your company may sell.

Social Media

Whether your company utilizes a combination of social media platforms or just one, all content should aim to drive traffic to your website. The key to running a strong social media page starts with displaying the appropriate information about your company, including a visible link to your company website. It is crucial that regular content is continuously posted in order to engage consumers and increase your company’s visibility. SICON’s marketing professionals will work with your team to develop regular content and post it on any social media pages your company may run.

CRM Database

Having a CRM database is an essential part of SICON’s digital marketing strategy. Our professionals have developed the ability to automatically pull in the information filled out in your website contact form directly into your database. Once the submission is approved, a contact record will be created within the database which incorporates all the fields included in your contact form (name, phone number, e-mail, etc.). From there, the sales team can then send a follow up e-mail or phone call to continue the sales process with each contact. From start to finish, SICON’s digital marketing strategy aims to draw in the right Prospects and turn them into valuable Customers.

If you would like to learn more about how SICON can apply our digital marketing strategy to any product or service your company sells, simply fill in the contact us form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.