SICON CRM: GoldMine Dashboards


SICON CRM knows that operational excellence drives business performance. However, in order for any business to achieve operational excellence, there must be processes in place that produce actionable information that allow you to analyze, learn and improve. SICON CRM will provide your business with this actionable information through its Business Intelligence Bundle in the form of GoldMine dashboards. By purchasing the SICON CRM Business Intelligence Bundle, professionals at SICON CRM will work with your team to build five fully customized GoldMine dashboards, catered to any of your business’s needs. These customized dashboards will aid in the visualization of your objectives, providing you with the opportunity to use this information to grow your business.

What is GoldMine?

GoldMine is a flexible CRM tool that centralizes all of your contact information and automates critical administrative tasks so you can focus your time on building your client relationships. GoldMine is the most affordable, powerful and easy to use CRM package on the market and will effectively help you segment your business’s Customers and Prospects. SICON CRM has over 10 years of experience implementing GoldMine to solve real world business problems and our highly knowledgeable professionals are ready to help customize the software to fit the way your company works.

How Dashboards Drive your Business

SICON CRM understands that efficiently managing a large database of clientele is one of the top-priorities of any business. GoldMine dashboards will be able to substantially improve your operational efficiency by continuously presenting you with real-time actionable information. Among the many features of GoldMine dashboards is the ability to, within a matter of clicks, schedule calls, e-mails, appointments, etc. for a specified group of contacts. GoldMine dashboards will help cut down on routine administrative tasks and allow you to focus your time on building strong relationships with your clients.

dboard breakdown

GoldMine comes with eight predefined dashboards which focus on the areas of Management and Sales.

  • Management Dashboards: mainly used to view activities, customer service and sales.
  • Sales Dashboards: mainly used to view forecasts, opportunities, and “to-do” lists related to sales. 
Predefined GoldMine Dashboards

ac summ

This dashboard provides you with a summary of your employees pending activity in a given time period allowing you to better measure employee productivity.


forecast dboard

This dashboard provides you with a look at all open sales by month and by fiscal quarter, allowing you track which months have the highest number of sales.

SICON CRM’s Customized Dashboards

custom dboard list

The SICON CRM Business Intelligence Bundle gives you the opportunity to create five fully customized dashboards to meet your business’s needs. Dashboards like the one seen below can provide you with real-time information about clients you have not contacted in the last 90 days broken down by segment. This provides you with the opportunity to efficiently schedule a call, e-mail, etc. to reach out to them.

last 90 days dboard

If improving business efficiencies through the use of GoldMine dashboards is something that interests your company, simply fill out the contact form and a SICON professional will be in touch with you shortly.