Analytics provide valuable insights to help form your firm’s CRM strategy. Analytics also provide answers to important questions posed by operations (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service) managers throughout the Customer lifecycle.

SICON CRM will develop the analytics that allow you to transform customer‐related data into actionable insights.

We will help you answer questions such as “Which Customers should you serve?”, “What is your share of Market?”, “What do your Customers think about their experience with you?”, “Do you have the right value proposition(s)?”

SICON CRM will help you answer important questions over the life of the Customer:

  • Who are your best potential Customers?
  • How can you rate the quality of your leads?
  • How successful are your lead generation programs?
  • Which is the best channel for generating qualified leads?
  • What is your cost of acquisition?
  • Which Customers have the highest long‐term value?
  • How can you cluster your Customers to assign the best management strategy?
  • What is your churn rate?
  • How can you reduce your Customer service costs?
  • How loyal are your Customers?
  • What is the share of spend that you have for each of your Customers?
  • What are your potential upsell opportunities?
  • What are your potential cross‐sell opportunities?
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