Magaya – A modern, data-driven logistics software platform to optimize every step of your operations from origin to destination.

Logistics Software Made for Modern Supply Chain Management

Whether you’re a freight forwarder, 3PL, NVOCC, customs broker, or other logistics service provider, you’ll find the technology you need to work smarter, not harder and modernize your operations to meet the demands of the modern supply chain.


From filings and forms to tracking and customer service, automation frees you from bureaucratic busywork. You’ll reach new heights in productivity and avoid the errors that can slip in with manual data entry.


Expectations for shipping speed are higher than ever. Accelerate all your workflows with better data visibility, more collaboration, and the logistics software you need to be hyper-productive.


Streamline and optimize your processes across the entire origin-to-destination supply chain. With Magaya technology, you’ll build a loyal customer base and a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

All Systems GROW With the Magaya Digital Freight Platform

The Magaya Digital Freight Platform, consisting of Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya Customs Compliance, Magaya Rate Management, the Magaya Digital Freight Portal, Magaya CRM, and a collection of extensions, delivers flexible, interoperable, modular, cloud-based solutions that can be used together as an integrated logistics software platform or independently with your existing solution suite. You choose what works best for your business!

Magaya Solution

Digital Customer Experience Software

The Magaya Digital Freight Portal is a branded and customized web portal that delivers an interactive, immersive, online customer experience.

  • Reduce your cost-of-sales and conversion times with online quotations.
  • Set up your own schedule site in minutes and give your customers visibility into the best available schedules.
  • Enable your customers to convert a quote, schedule or PO into a booking in seconds.
  • Provide your customers with timely visibility of their freight on the move.

Magaya Solution

Freight Forwarding & WMS

Magaya Supply Chain is a single solution for shipping and warehouse operations, tracking, connectivity, accounting, and compliance.

  • Avoid double data entry by pulling information from quotes to create bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices.
  • Enable seamless workflows between warehousing and shipping.
  • Seamlessly transfer information between all your logistics transactions to create the necessary accounting records.
  • Generate and automatically send financial, cargo, open invoice reports.

Magaya Solution

CRM Software

Magaya CRM ensures that all teams involved in customer acquisition, retention, and management can access the same accurate information about contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.

  • Gain complete visibility into the customer lifecycle, from quotes to conversion.
  • Automatically sync quotes created in Magaya Supply Chain with Magaya CRM.
  • Easily track quote progress and create an account/opportunity.
  • Access easy-to-consume dashboards and KPI reporting for data-driven decision-making.
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